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About Us


We bring together obsessive knitters of every level who are passionate and curious to make better more well-informed and savvy decisions about every project, so that we can explore everything this enthralling lifeskill has to offer. 

We are creating a community to do this without the stress of trying to do it alone and to get answers to questions about knitting that do not have easy or obvious solutions so that we can make the projects of our dreams. 

Our story is simple:

Deb created Outlaw Yarn and its various bases and colours to answer a need in the market for quality yarn and innovative colour palettes. Outlaw Yarn has grown from an initial base and colour run to span multiple bases and palettes that draw inspirations from the great art movements, the country of New Zealand, and her personal desires to have beautiful yarn available at reasonable prices to everyone. 

Outlaw Yarn has grown from a wholesaler only to be a leader and physical shop in the New Zealand yarn community supported by a rich network of retailers and customers. With the growth of our community we realized that to fully reach everyone who needs us we had to create a space where we could meet, learn, and explore the knitting world together. 

Opening Outlaw HQ and adding Ethan to the team in 2020 meant an influx of people and ideas into our organization. New classes and knitting groups created many more opportunities to connect but we wanted to go further, reach more people, and bring our expertise to everyone who needs support to keep growing in their craft. 

Outlaw Online, this community is our answer. We are here to create connections and to help all of us grow together because we are better able to learn and adapt in community. There is a comfort in exploring and discovering new horizons with support and friendship.

We invite all of you to join us in this journey to be the best knitter we can be for ourselves, come along on another wild Outlaw adventure with Outlaw Online. 


Learn new skills and techniques at your pace, with courses that allow you to control the speed at which you work through them

Find other passionate and curious knitters to come together with in a supportive space and share in this journey of learning.

Focused monthly themes to help you make the best of your knitting every day and the entire year.

Guided Knit-a-Longs (KALs) that come with helpful tips so you can tackle new projects with surety.

Honest and accurate pattern reviews that answer your questions and give insight before starting a project.

Skill Library with short videos on how to work common and uncommon knitting techniques, without an extra 15 minutes of preamble.

Staffed, created, and curated by industry experts for everyone from beginner to couture knitter.

Thank You

Thank you, yes you, for reading this and joining our community. Every single member we have brings us closer to our goal. 

We want to become the best place to come together and express our love of all the fibre crafts. To do this we need you, and every other member so that we can grow our team to offer you more in the future. 

One day we dream of a fully featured knitting, crocheting, and weaving community so that we can fully explore the wonders of wool, we can only make this happen with you!

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